The Health Benefits of Rain Soul

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Considering its deceivingly simple composition, the health benefits of Rain Soul are quite
extraordinary. On the other hand, fewer ingredients mean you can derive more benefit from each of

Here are some of the health benefits of Rain Soul – per ingredient:

1. Black Raspberry Seed

Black raspberry seeds contain a substantial amount of antioxidants – much more so than red
raspberry seeds. In fact, in a study conducted in Chile in 2006, which compared the antioxidant
properties of more than two dozen different berries and fruits, black raspberries were found to
contain more antioxidants than kiwis and plums.

As such, it not only helps to fight free radicals in the body, but has also been proven to inhibit
cancerous growths. While it might not be able to heal cancer, it does help to prevent it.

In addition to that, black raspberry seeds help to keep your eyes healthy, fights inflammation, and
help to reduce blood pressure. As such it can help to relieve allergic reactions like hay fever and
sinusitis, as well as topical skin problems like eczema – which in turn reduces the need for
medications like anti-histamines (which tend to make you drowsy).

2. Black Cumin Seed

In similar fashion to black raspberry seeds, black cumin seeds carry a highly focused set of health
benefits. First and foremost it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent – which means that, besides
actively addressing inflammation, it also helps to diminish the effects of allergies. In fact, black cumin
seeds have proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of everything from bronchial asthma
right up to eczema. Its uses and effectiveness has been well documented over the course of many

In addition to that, the contents of black seeds are not only anti-bacterial agents, but are anti-
microbial agents. That means they assist not only in fighting bacterial infections, but also infections
from viruses, fungi, and parasites.

The potent combination of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids also means that it contributes
to skin health, while also exhibiting a reducing effect on high blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. Chardonnay Grape Seed

Chardonnay grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, but have also been linked to improved blood
circulation, reduction of swelling due to injuries, and the maintaining the health of your eyes. In our
day and age where we spend many hours gazing at computer screens, tablets and smartphones,
attending to the health of our eyes have become crucial.

4. D-Ribose

Ribose not only helps to increase energy on a muscular level, but – in the case of several inherited
diseases – it helps to reduce the after-effects of exercise, such as cramps, muscle stiffness and pain..

Here is my Conclusion for this review of Health benefits of Rain Soul

In contrast to Rain Core, which offers a wide variety of health benefits, Rain Soul is focused very
narrowly – on limiting free radicals, fighting infections, reducing inflammatory reactions, and keeping
your eyes and skin healthy. As an added bonus, the D-Ribose provides energy on a muscular level –
where you really need it.

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