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Real Testimonies of People using Rain Products to Improve Their Health

~Adefenwa Dorcas

Both rain and core are very useful instruments in my hand as a nurse and midwife. Have been using it to manage high blood pressure, high blood sugar, both hyper and hypothyroidism, stroke, infertility both in men and women, obesity, anaemia, goitre,malnutrition, treating abortion, delayed second stage to mention but few. The product is reliable with living witnesses. Thank you.


~Ronke Okafor

Amazing testimony from using soul this night! My 17 months old baby Keren has been coughing uncontrollably for close to 1 hr and couldn’t sleep. I became really worried because the AC was not on and she has not been coughing at all before now. We just gave her a sachet of soul and she did not cough again at all and even slept off before she could finish the sachet. 30 minutes later she has still not coughed but sleeping soundly. Seed nutrition is truly Powerful.

~Ada Daniel

I gave birth to my daughter naturally (no C-Section). After having my beautiful daughter, after the usual 6 week post partum recovery i was still experiencing pain. The pain was excruciating, it would radiate down my left leg and sometimes cause my leg to go limp. I was taking Prescription strength tylenol to help with the pain until i finally went to my OB-GYN complaining about the pain. My daughter was 5 months old at the time. I had a CT scan with contrast done and I was told that they didn’t see anything wrong with me. My OB said its probably nerve damage and there was no resolution for Nerve damage. My cousin introduced me to RAIN international seed based products to help with my pain. I wanted to stop taking Tylenol so much, so I started taking 2 packs of SOUL a day and 1 CORE a day. Within 1 month the pain had receeded by the 2 month it was gone and I was able to go down to 1 Soul a day. As I write this i no longer experience any pain/symptoms. I still take a minimum 1 SOUL a day because i love all the other health benefits it brings me. I encourage everyone to do the same.

~Colette Morris

Good morning! It’s only been a week and a half since I started using these amazing products which are unique in the supplement world.  I have an overstretched ligament which means I am prone to pain when carrying heavy things up stairs. For instance carrying my laptop bag was very painful climbing stairs of any sort. Since taking the seed nutrition 10 days ago it was only yesterday that I’ve noticed no pain going upstairs with heavy things. Before my knee would buckle. As a nutritionist I am always looking at what natural supplement I can use for myself and also to then recommend to my clients.  After researching the ingredients, how the product is manufactured and reviewing the scientific evidence backing them, I was very very impressed. If you understood how the body works you would agree that nutrients, the right ones if used DAILY because yes it’s Food, can help the body to repair itself. Foods and herbs can alleviate pain and repair damaged DNA.

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