Are Rain Products as Good as People Say?

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Rain products -lets face it. Any new product on the market is always “the best thing ever”. As far as your Rain International distributor is concerned, the product line is the best that was ever created.

But is it really that good? Are Rain products really as good as the suppliers claim them to be?

On paper, it looks incredible. The facts are there, including the research to back it up. If you believe
what you read, it is nothing short of amazing.

On the other hand, if something sounds too good to be true…

It usually is – right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

There is an old expression that says “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. In this case, it comes
down to this:

What are the results for, and opinions of people who used these products? What do the individual
users of Rain Core, Soul, Bend, Pure and Form have to say about their experiences after using it?

All over the internet, people have been penning their experiences – and the results are nothing short
of incredible.

A Few Experiences Shared by Rain Products consumers

Frances Gertler

I was talking about the osteo-arthritis in my hands. Nothing had worked, not physio, the anti-inflammatory Naproxen nor two different types of steroid injections. My grandmother was crippled with arthritis and I was worried I was heading the same way…. I started taking 1 Soul a day and the pain reduced almost from day one…. To my amazement, from about day 2, I noticed I was still wearing my lenses in the afternoon, I didn’t have blurred vision or itchy eyes, OMG! … my optician was absolutely blown away by what had happened.


Linda Varey

I started taking SOUL 2 years ago so I could be med and pain free from my arthritis and keep Cholesterol in check. SOUL accomplished both goals. BUT I have also experienced side effects that surprised me … no more dry eyes, no need for reading glasses, spider veins in legs almost gone and loving life more than ever




Karen Stepp

Originally I wanted a natural way to treat my arthritis so began by taking two Soul and Core a day within about two weeks my pain was gone and had great energy. Along the way they introduced Bend which I added as I had blown out both knees. After going to the Dr. who was going to do the usual treatments, I decided to stay with what I was doing and you guessed it my knees are feeling great.



Gabitza Ungur


Hi everybody. I want to share with you my testimony about Bend. I took the product for my mother who suffered from arthritis and after 10 days of taking 1 BEND a day she did not feel any pain and managed to move very well. It is a great product.



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If you start digging on the net, you will come across countless testimonials from people who were
able to overcome anything from vision problems to arthritis to fibromyalgia, and even the odd
instance of using Rain products to help overcoming cancer.

Note: Rain is NOT a cancer treatment – but cancer patients who used it saw a faster recovery than

The bottom line about Rain products is this:

If it was just a few people talking about their great results, one could ignore it, and say it was fake.
but with so many people talking about it, in detail, and in public…

It becomes impossible to ignore the very real benefits of using any product from Rain International.

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